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Hi there! My name is Ana and I've started Tumblring since October 25, 2010. I'll probably be mostly posting about gaming stuff, but I also like anime, manga, music, kdrama, and shopping as well.
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I dressed up as Annie again for 2 days during Anime Revolution! I’ll upload some more pics I took from the convention later =)


These Smash Bros. leaks are out of control ⊟

Someone just dumped dozens of photos from what’s presumably a pre-release copy of Smash Bros. for 3DS — I’m inclined to believe these are legit, especially after this morning’s videos, but who knows. I’ve collected all the images from the latest gallery here (more after the break), minus the creep shots of Tharja and Candy Kong’s assist trophies.

Gambling while spectating! Dark Pit! Devil car! Via Hatchtag!

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im 5 yrs old

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Annie with a happy meal


I am stuck between getting Dino Gnar which is adorkable or Arcade MF which is fucking amazing.

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Pokémon Crossing by luce-do-the-doodles

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Sorry I took a while to upload these! But here’s some photos I have of myself when I went to Northwest Fan Fest. I cosplayed as Annie from LoL and a lolita princess!

The poro plush I’m holding is my friend’s..I wish it was mine LOL


Cooking Mama 5 out September 16 ⊟

Majesco sent out these new screens along with the release date for Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit. You can see Mama dressed up for “the new Cooking Dojo mode where Mama slips into her gi for some serious culinary training.” Serious, serious sticking kiwi to a cake.

You can also see the screen declaring “Parfait: perfect!” which I just find amusing.

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Promotional illustrations for Super Smash Bros.

I picked this up for $19.99 at Futureshop! I never did finish the 1st kingdom hearts before, now’s my chance to!