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Hi there! My name is Ana and I've started Tumblring since October 25, 2010. I'll probably be mostly posting about gaming stuff, but I also like anime, manga, music, kdrama, and shopping as well.
I do not own any of the pictures posted here, unless noted otherwise. I try to source my posts as best I can. =)

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Can I just point out the best League cosplays at Fanime 2013?

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List of some Rare League of Legend Skins:

  • Medieval Twitch
  • Vancouver Amumu
  • Rusty Blitzcrank
  • Black Alistar
  • Grey Warwick
  • Pax TF (Pax 2009)
  • Human Ryze
  • All-Star Akali
  • Red Card Katarina
  • The Mighty Jax


this is designed by me and you can get your own here + rest of the designs I made

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Thresh + Blitzcrank WOMBO COMBO Video

O golly. 

RaidCall Comic: LoL Champions’ Soccer Match

LoL cupcakes ~ by Elliesmeria

" 1 row: Kat, Malz, Teemo, Talon, Ezreal, Nidalee (I gave her ears ;3) 
2nd Row: Fiddle, LeeSin, Fizz, Rammus, Heimerdinger, Tryndamere
3rd Row: Wukong, Soraka, Shaco, Amumu, Kogmaw, Ahri
Bot: Blitz, Garen, Yi (with 11 eyes) and Akali ” - Elliesmeria


The time has come guys! I’ve finally set up my shop and have gotten the Blitzcrank Butt Grab shirts for sale :D
I personally recommend the creme color. It’s the color is looks best in. But you can choose any color you like! (Although stay away from dark colors, seeing as the text is indeed black and it looks lame)
The shirt is $24.95 

Click HERE to check it out and buy 

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Spoiler: She dies.

“We Shall Protect” - A Support Illustration by FF Sade

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My life size cosplay as Blitzcrank from League of Legends

And this is the song that pops into my head:
Gotta go Fast - Sonic X

And this is the song that pops into my head:

Gotta go Fast - Sonic X

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“We Shall Protect” - A Support Illustration by FF Sade

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Annie says “you got the wrong one!”

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