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Hi there! My name is Ana and I've started Tumblring since October 25, 2010. I'll probably be mostly posting about gaming stuff, but I also like anime, manga, music, kdrama, and shopping as well.
I do not own any of the pictures posted here, unless noted otherwise. I try to source my posts as best I can. =)

LoL ign: Chuski

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Halloween by steven-andrew

Happy Halloween Tumblr!


It’s just passed the witching hour here, so to celebrate Halloween there’s going to be several posts throughout the day with a spooky theme! Happy Halloween everyone!

Here’s what I ended up wearing for halloween. A last minute outfit idea my friend suggested which I got together yesterday night. 

Haha at least one lil girl at my work knew what I was: “I know what you are! A pokemon trainer!”


My future child.